Meadow Fireplace Tool Set - 5 Piece Set

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Urban Forge Meadow Fireplace Tool Set - 5 Piece Set
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Urban Forge is famous for the heirloom quality and beauty of our hand-forged fireplace tool sets. Made not only to enchant, the Shepherd's Crook firetool set is also carefully constructed to last through generations. Nothing says home like a hearth, and nothing compliments the experience of a roaring fire more than the heft and sheen of quality wrought iron.

Our Shepherd's Crook firetool set combines the classic loop motif with subtle swirls and twists for a lovely hearth fixture. Each tool is designed for optimal functionality as well as aesthetics. The poker includes a side hook for rolling logs, and the tongs are made for ten lifetimes of lifting heavy logs, complete with a unique fork design that really grips. Our shovels are hot riveted in place to last forever. Each broom is hand-tied by gifted broom squires using age-old techniques and the best materials available. Broom straw is offered in natural finish, black, or rust. The tools may also receive special finishes; pictured above in natural black, the set may receive any of the options listed above in our 'finish' selections. Gold and copper accents catch the firelight particularly well!

Dimensions:  10"W x 10"D x 33"H

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"I am totally satisfied with my purchase, it was a gift for one of my sons. He loves the quality, made by craftsman! In America, doesn't get any better. I wil be ordering other sets, many thanks to all involved." -Mike, South Carolina

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