Delta Fireplace Tool Set - 5 Piece Set


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Delta Fireplace Tool Set - 5 Piece Set
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Urban Forge is famous for the heirloom quality and beauty of our hand-forged firetool sets. Made not only to enchant, the Delta firetool set is also carefully constructed to last through generations. Nothing says home like a hearth, and nothing compliments the experience of a roaring fire more than the heft and sheen of quality wrought iron.

Our Delta firetool set features intricate iron wraps and curls, looping over and transforming from one to the other, rising from the ashes of your hearth for generations to come. Each tool is designed for optimal functionality as well as aesthetics. The poker includes a side hook for rolling logs, and the tongs are made for ten lifetimes of lifting heavy logs, complete with a unique fork design that really grips. Our shovels are hot riveted in place to last forever. Each broom is hand-tied by gifted broom squires using age-old techniques and the best materials available. Broom straw is offered in natural finish, black, or rust.

The tools may also receive special finishes; pictured in natural black the set may receive any of the options listed above in our 'finish' selections. Gold and copper accents catch the firelight particularly well!

Dimensions:  9"W x 9"D x 34"H

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"Thank you for a lovely note. It turns out that the firetool set is for our mountain home and I won't be up there for a another few weeks. I was already excited to see the quality of your product; your note heightens my anticipation and makes me feel good to support a company that seems to care about relationships. All the best." -Tom, Utah