Nov 8th 2023

Feel the Warmth with Hand-Forged Fireplace Goods by Urban Forge

There’s something about the feeling of autumn that we collectively experience. It could be the excitement of the holidays and parties and gifts to come. But perhaps it’s something subconscious and a bit more steady and lasting that lends us those feelings: the rituals of fall remind us of childhood and experiences with people we love. It’s something we don’t always have words for. Simply put: fall is nostalgic. The winsome thing about nostalgia is that it has the ability to wrap our current experiences around memories of our past while also giving us hope for the future. Nostalgia connects us.

Sociologist Emile Durkheim proposed an idea he called collective effervescence. This is “a feeling of belonging and assimilation produced by collective ritual action.” Fall brings a time that we collectively build our fires, gather together near the warmth of the hearth and turn our attention more towards each other and family.

A fireplace creates a nostalgic energy and calming sensory experience that invites us into a cozy moment of time. The power of a fireplace not only connects us to the current moment, but has the ability to reach into our souls and warm us to our core.

A study published by the Sage Journals suggests that the feeling and experience of nostalgia is related to positive psychological well-being when brought on by collective effervescence. Repeated moments of collective effervescence can lead to happier and more connected lives.

A fireplace is far from just a utilitarian device to warm our homes. It has the uncanny ability to initiate a myriad of moods, whether it be a romantic mood with that special someone or a cozy mood with family and friends around which we play favorite games. A lovely, roaring fire on a chilly fall evening is the perfect setting for shared experience. We feel the warmth, we see the glow and we experience the community of those gathered around.

At Urban Forge, we believe in creating spaces for family and legacy building. It is our pleasure to play a part in making your home the perfect fall atmosphere for rituals of togetherness. Our blacksmiths have been creating pieces since 1979, and the art of forging iron has roots dating back to the ancient Egyptians. We understand and value the mindset of carrying on traditions while also making something built to last.

Let us help you forge a beautiful and meaningful space that speaks in ways that you can not only see, but feel. Urban Forge products bear a time honored, consistent quality and a lifetime guarantee.

Our collection of hand-forged fire screens are the perfect addition to your home's fall ambiance as they keep your family safe while allowing warmth with captivating design. Products like fire pokerslog holdersmantle decor and roasters are not only useful for the colder months, but are works of functional art for you to enjoy year round. Whether you lean more traditional, rustic, modern or farmhouse- we have something to enhance your space.

Don’t see exactly what you need? Why not commission a custom piece designed for your specific fireplace or hearth!

Our products are artisan made and built to last. We look forward to being a part of your family's collective experience as you gather around the fire this fall and winter season.