The Unmatched Beauty of Wrought Iron Furniture

The Unmatched Beauty of Wrought Iron Furniture

Urban Forge is not your average building company, our process takes longer because we care about getting the design right. We begin sketching and once in production, every inch is meticulously crafted by our artisan blacksmiths. The creativity, skill, and artistry of our blacksmiths are the backbone of Urban Forge. These master craftsmen inspire us each day with what they can produce out of iron.


Beds, tables, seating, outdoor living, you name it. We have custom made furniture just the way you like it. We have a series of furniture and each of them is different than the other.

The design theme for our Bella Vista Series was recently developed for a very exclusive, very high-end resort in the northwest. We carried these same wonderful themes through several table chair and barstool designs. Our client fell in love with the hand-forged textures, rivets and curved features so we decided to create several items using the look.


The way our Big Spring Series can draw the eye makes it a natural choice for your living room centerpiece. Its careful, strong design gives it the structure to support even the heaviest tops including granite or slate.


Our Canopy beds have a sophisticated simplicity that makes a remarkably bold statement. Custom made by our artisan blacksmiths in any size, from twin to California King to be just right for your space. The elegant lines, subtle details, and carefully perched details make this hand-forged iron bed a unique treasure. Shown in various types of iron, but you can make it yours by choosing from the many finishes and accent options available!

Our canopy beds almost look out of a fairytale, everything is handmade and you can pick what kind of iron finish you want and the type of accent.


We stand behind what we do with an unwavering resolve. Your investment will last for generations. If a forged piece breaks, let us know. We’ll make it right. Since you’re working with people that take enough time to deliver great results, you won’t have to worry about your furniture falling apart. Our barstools and stools have intricate designs, you can pick the upholstery design from leather, faux, cloth, and its accents and finishes.


If you’re choosing to customize your own furniture or you’re interested on purchasing one of our existing models, we know you won’t regret the decision of working with us.