The 201 Swing with Oak Wood Planks


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  • Made in the USA Since 1979
  • Artisan Made. Guaranteed Forever.
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The 201 Swing with Oak Wood Planks
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The Urban Forge wrought iron swing brings character and beauty to a porch or garden - or even indoors! The incredible hand-forged iron details won't be found anywhere else. Our swings are built with pride, one-at-a-time by our artisan blacksmiths and craftsmen with centuries old tools and techniques. The natural red oak wood planks are processed through local sawmills and retain the character that makes them unique. The saw blade marks from the mill and other "imperfections" are part of the story that makes this heirloom swing unique.

  • Ships Quickly - Great Gift!
  • Hand-Crafted - You won’t find two identical pieces. Each artisan’s forge work and hammer blow makes your piece unique.
  • Made in USA Since 1979
  • Guaranteed Forever
  • Ships from Arkansas
  • Made from Recycled Iron
  • Locally Sourced Red Oak Planks
  • 1-Inch Thick Rot Resistant Rope - Includes two 8-Foot lengths with rope clamps for securing
  • Powder Coated Metal Components
  • The bolts feature a hammer textured head with the Urban Forge anvil mark


Swing Overall Dimensions (not including rope) 42”W x 16”D x 17”