Iron Towel Stand - Winington


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  • Made in the USA Since 1979
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Iron Towel Stand - Winington


The Winington towel stand is a simple, popular design that works well in any decor. It features three tiers and a lower shelf for folded towels or roll-ups, and comes available in any finish shown below.

Dimensions:  18"W x 10"D x 36"H

What are our customers saying about this piece?

 "Thank you for contacting me. The towel stand is exactly what I wanted. It is beautiful and functional. I had concerns about ordering an unsteady towel stand that might topple when I pulled on the towel, but that is not a problem with your product. It fits perfectly in the limited space available and compliments the room's decor. Thank you, too, for making such lovely, quality and practical products." -Constance, Ohio

 "the towel stand is great. It fits in well with my traditional-style bathroom in my old house, and it's heavey and sturdy and doesn't ever tip. It's definitely much better than ony of the other towel racks I looked at." -Janice, New Jersey

"Very nice! Thank you so much." -Lynn, North Carolina

"Thanks for the email. I have a client who is ordering a bed in the next few weeks. I have several of your pieces in my home and love the quality. It is easy to sell something that you love and holds up so well over the years." -Brenda, designer in Kentucky

"Love it... for sure hope to be able to order again!" -Lynn, North Carolina

"I am extremely happy with the purchase! Thank you so much for checking back!" -Cheryl, Oregon