Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray

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Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray
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$129.00 $96.75
(You save $32.25)


The reclaimed wood serving trays are adorned with the scuffs and scratches of hard work over decades of time. If these timbers could tell a story, what an amazing book of history one might hear! Worn holes from rusty iron bolts that held the boards in place are still there, each one adding another layer of character to the piece. A Master Artisan Blacksmith from Urban Forge tastefully forges an appropriate set of iron handles to make the tray easy to carry and set into place. You're sure to have a captive audience every time you bring out this wonderful wrought iron serving tray - and piece of history - in your home.


Tray Dimensions: 12"x15"


Overall Dimensions:  12"x17"



Although finished in a durable polyacrylic finish, it is not recommended for the reclaimed wood serving tray to come into direct contact with food or beverage, but it is perfect for mugs, plates, and other serving purposes, or as an incredible piece of decor for the home.