Meridian Series Mirror


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  • Made in the USA Since 1979
  • Artisan Made. Guaranteed Forever.
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Meridian Series Mirror
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Elegant with a very sophisticated rustic undertone, this mirror is beautifully designed. It incorporates raw iron textures across the frame. Our artisans put every hammer blow to the iron on full display, incorporating the random textures into the overall look of each piece.

There are many finish options available. Any of the hand rubbed finishes will be layered to accentuate the natural textures in these pieces. Perhaps the most stunning treatment of the iron is to allow the steel to simply be itself with a natural iron special finish seen on the mirror pictured here. Select Natural Iron as a finish if that is the look you prefer.

This mirror is easy to hang vertically or horizontally and is available in two sizes. If you would like a custom size, we can do it!


Small: 23" x 2" x 29"

Large: 29" x 2" x 41"