Iron Furniture for Sale in Texas

Iron Furniture for Sale in Texas

Wrought iron furniture is known for its sturdiness and durability. The furniture tends to age well when kept outdoors. Unlike plastic or wood, it doesn’t deteriorate from moisture caused by humidity or frost, nor does it fade and become brittle when left out in the sun.

Wrought iron furniture stands up well in outdoor conditions, but it’s not completely failsafe. Cleaning wrought iron outdoor furniture is a must to ensure it looks its best and to prevent spots of rust forming which can diminish the look of the furniture.

Buy The Best Artisan-Made Furniture

Urban Forge is not your average artisan-made furniture. The root of Urban Forge is care. We care about our employees, our customers, our community, and our products and our process. We’re not just a family-run business, our business is part of our family. We’re honored to design and craft pieces that your family will love.

Decorate in a way that captures your personality with our fast-growing selection of wrought iron furniture. Time-transcending yet up-to-date, iron furniture encapsulates the eclectic and the ornate, the antique and the whimsical. With a piece of cast iron furniture, you can transform your home into a masterpiece of welcoming design that's as inviting as it is regally crafted.

Why Buying Iron Furniture Is Better

  • It's heavy and durable.
  • Use iron furniture anywhere
  • To maintain iron furniture, wash it occasionally and apply liquid car wax at least twice a year. If you see any rust, take care of it immediately with a wire brush and touch up paint.
  • Fast action will keep the rust from spreading.
  • Covering or storing your iron patio furniture inside during the winter will help to prolong its life.

Buy From A Reliable, Family-Owned Business

We stand behind what we do with an unwavering resolve. Your investment will last for generations. If a forged piece breaks, let us know. We’ll make it right. As an american family-owned business, we care about what we’re putting out there.

Customize the way you want it...

We’re honored to design and craft pieces that your family will love. Artisan made in the USA, guaranteed forever. Shop our collection of iron beds, stools, chairs, swings, benches, tables and desks, and remember - we can change any dimension or detail! Just ask.