Hand-Forged Rose Keepsake

Own or gift a rose that will last forever. Meticulously crafted by the hands of American blacksmiths, this gorgeous hand-forged iron rose is the perfect keepsake for most occasions.

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  • Made in the USA
Urban Forge Hand-Forged Rose Keepsake
Iron Accent:

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Gertrude Stein wrote, "A rose is a rose is a rose . . .".  But, our bench-made rose is crafted from cold, lifeless iron and brought to life by blacksmith artisans and the heat of the forge in a way that makes it incredibly unique.  As seen in nature, each flower, stem, and leaf is actually slightly different.  Every piece bears the marks of the artist's eye and hammer as they create each by hand. Choose a special accent finish for a beautiful keepsake to celebrate or remember a special day, person, or occasion. 

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    Makes a great gift!

  • Hand-Crafted
    Each piece is forged by hand by skilled master artisans with a passion for producing long-lasting, heirloom-quality work.

  • Made in USA
    Your purchase will support American ingenuity and grit and helps to create jobs, support the environment, and stimulate the local economy.

  • Guaranteed Forever
    Your investment will inspire peace of mind. Our guarantee has no expiration date, allowing loved ones to enjoy your heirloom piece for generations.

  • Free Shipping
    Direct from our forge to your home.

  • Choose Your Favorite Accent Finish to Highlight the Detail
    This hand-forged iron rose has a beautiful Natural Black base finish.

  • Made from Recycled Iron and Low VOC Finishes
    Support the planet by supporting sustainable, Earth-friendly products and practices.

  • Customizable
    We Can Change Any Dimension or Detail! Just ask.

  • Specifications
    16" x 5"
SKU: 980-395



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