Evergreen Iron Wall Sconce Right


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Evergreen Iron Wall Sconce Right
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Urban Forge's signature Evergreen Collection is a stunning example of nature's detail expressed through exquisite craftsmanship. Enjoy the ephemeral quality of delicate Evergreen needles, the rough texture of bark, and the quiet rhythm of Evergreen cones; all rendered in solid, wrought iron. Each piece is individual to the blacksmith who created it. As in nature, no two branches are exactly alike.

These wall sconces are available with the hand forged Evergreen cone on the right or the left, and with your choice of one of five different globes. Frosted glass, parchment, kraft, and ivory are glass and offer some translucency. Of course our hand fired copper is opaque, and creates a wonderful indirect lighting effect above the sconce. The image above shows a hand rubbed bronze finish on the iron, which creates a natural bark look. Choose copper or gold accents for the needles and Evergreen cones to really accentuate the craftsmanship. 

Dimensions:  12"W x 5"D x 6"H