Huntington Iron Single Wall Sconce with Copper Shade


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Huntington Iron Single Wall Sconce with Copper Shade
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Huntington's strong lines and hammered textures, its softened edges and softened corners, brings to mind ancient artisans and carefully forged pieces handed down for generations. Ironworks still honors this tradition of careful craftsmanship; daily, our blacksmiths forge art furniture that can stand the test of time.

Staying true to the Huntington look, the single wall sconce features a textured diamond back plate, a textured vertical arm with a slight curl at the base. We hand-fire the copper for the 8" globes, then treat them with a special proprietary blend of mineral waters to bring out a beautiful range of patinas. No two pieces ever finish the same, which means each Huntington wall sconce is unique! Our coppersmiths shape and rivet the copper using centuries old tools and techniques.

The Huntington Collection has a wonderfully rich texture that highlights well with any special finish especially the hand rubbed finishes like bronze and copper. And these look particularly fine with copper. If you choose a copper accent, we will highlight the textured band to tie the piece together visually for a finishing touch!

Dimensions:  8"W x 8"D x 16"H