Driftwood Dining Table


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  • Made in the USA Since 1979
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Driftwood Dining Table
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The Urban Forge Driftwood Collection features a very organic, hand forged sculpture - each piece is as unique and individual as the wood it's modeled after.  The smooth branch texture emulates a de-barked timber that has drifted many miles and has been polished by nature's steady hand.  Each bend and taper is the product of our blacksmith artisan's vision and experience in the forge.  Truly a work of art that all will recognize and appreciate in your space.

Whether your space calls for a compact table with just a few chairs or a table large enough to seat 12, you can be sure that the Driftwood hand-forged iron dining table will be a conversation appetizer. Everywhere you look on this farmhouse dining table set is another new detail waiting to be discovered. The artisan blacksmiths who build this iron dining room furniture also pay attention to every detail. Aside from the hand-forged iron is the table top itself, which may be comprised of several different materials. This farmhouse table includes zinc, hand fired copper, or a variety of wood options, including distressed boxcar flooring with a barn wood look.

The Driftwood table is available in both a 42”W x 72”L and 42”W x 96”L configuration, but of course it can be custom ordered in virtually any size or shape imaginable.