Custom Wrought Iron Furniture and Decor

Custom Wrought Iron Furniture and Decor

Because every Urban Forge piece is handmade, we can customize pieces to fit your needs or we can even create a brand new design incorporating your ideas. Whether you have sketches and specs already, or are starting from scratch, our designers will work with you to ensure you’ll love your newest heirloom.

It only takes one step into our forge to experience the American craftsman work ethic and ingenuity. At Urban Forge, we make things that last. Beautiful designs that help you gather the most important thing you can possess, memories.

Some custom-made pieces

Custom Upholstered Coffee Ottoman

Custom Front Doors

Custom Forged Iron Door Grates

Custom Side Table

Customize the way you want it...

These custom made pieces are unique, if you’re looking for another kind of decor, our blacksmiths will be more than happy to work out with you the model you want.