UrbanFX Bortolami Art Exhibition
Feb 15th 2024

UrbanFX Bortolami Art Exhibition

Since 1979, our team of artisans has been recognized for our epic hand-forged beds and furniture, but if you find yourself in New York City this month, you'll behold something very different. Bortolami, a contemporary art gallery in Lower Manhattan, is showcasing some of our latest work. Artist Madeline Hollander approached our team with a concept to design and fabricate three unique trefoil knot sculptures for an upcoming exhibition. Not only did these brushed stainless steel forms need to look exquisite, but they needed to "dance" across the space with the slightest push.

"Each entwined mobius-like form is composed using a formula which optimizes its rolling capabilities; once nudged into action they have the capacity to roll perpetually. The variable equations encoded in each knot inscribe their movement with a unique gait and wobble." - M. Hollander

Urban Forge's sister company, UrbanFX, was uniquely qualified to perform this fabrication and engineering - it was no small feat. The team has executed many expansive public art projects and boasts the largest 3D Freeform Tube Bending machinery in North America.