Small Town - Big Heart
Oct 3rd 2018 | Posted by Kevin Thomas - Director of Business Operations

Small Town - Big Heart

We just wanted to take a minute to brag on our hometown. Even though we've been in this community, this building for many, many years, when we launched our rebranding, these folks rallied around us like we were something special and brand new. And we are new in a sense. Or rather our face is. Our business has been here for years. This building has been here since 1929 and passed through a vast array of owners, operators, fronts, genres, businesses and restaurants. It's going to stay what it is for a while though. Our flagship store, the roots of our company. 

This community is rich in art and history. Known as the "Folk Music Capital of the World", Mountain View has been a breeding ground for talent and creativity since the first fiddler graced these foggy hills with music and emotion. Still to this day creativity flows out of here like the Sylamore Creek. Musicians, vocalists, artists, craftsmen and our favorite, blacksmiths. 

Probably curated by the Ozark Folk Center, which is dedicated to preserving the old way of life, blacksmithing is still a very useful trade in this area. From here, the iron furnituredecor and home accents that we produced are distributed around the world. Retailers and designers source our products to adorn incredible living spaces, while individuals local and abroad individually select items that are treasured in their homes. Items that get passed down through the generations and hold up because their guaranteed forever and built to last that long.

The support from our community is both humbling and and encouraging. This community provides business, talent, people and resources. The smiling voices that greet you on the phone, the hands that hammer this iron, the talent that designs these pieces and the hard work and logistical knowledge that gets our product down the road is all right here, in our community. 

Thanks for your support, your business and your smiling faces. Thanks for cultivating a fun and inviting community that brings other people into a less traveled, and beautiful place.