About Us


Urban Forge is not the average furniture company. Our process takes longer, and we like it that way. Each piece begins as a sketch. Once in production, every inch is meticulously crafted by our artisan blacksmiths.

The creativity, skill, and artistry of our blacksmiths are the backbone of Urban Forge. These master craftsmen inspire us each day with what they can produce out of iron.

Many of our customers consider their Urban Forge pieces investments. As a commitment to you, all of our forged items are guaranteed forever. Our pieces become family heirlooms in homes all across the country, and we take that honor seriously. If there’s ever a problem with any of our forged pieces, let us know, and we’ll make it right.



What’s Important to Us
While our capacities are large, we do everything with the care and consideration of a small family business. If you’re curious what exactly that means, our company values are summed up below.

Deep Care
The root of Urban Forge is care. We care about our employees, our customers, our community, and our
products and our process. We’re not just a family-run business, our business is part of our family. We’re honored to design and craft pieces that your family will love.

We stand behind what we do with an unwavering resolve. Your investment will last for generations. If a forged piece breaks, let us know. We’ll make it right.

The time and attention to detail means your piece was truly hand-crafted by an artisan. Our designs are often never-before-seen concepts. You’re unique. Your Urban Forge product will be unique, too.

“Being green” is a trendy term. While some businesses strive to be environmentally responsible, we’ve been good stewards from the beginning. Most of our materials are locally-sourced, and we bring new life to old iron daily. Our finishes are safe, and we’ve never seen an Urban Forge product in a landfill.

It only takes one step into our forge to experience the American craftsman work ethic and ingenuity. American portrays our heritage, entrepreneurial attitude and pride in our work.