Vein Floor Lamp Shade - 22 Inch


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Vein Floor Lamp Shade - 22 Inch
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This shade casts a very warm rich color into the space, and the translucency of this shade accents the beauty of the material used in its construction. The mottled wheat and tan coloration provides an interesting texture even when the lamp is not being used. The dimensions below indicate the Top Opening x Bottom Opening x the Side Measurement

Overall Dimension: 6 inch x 22 inch x 12.5 inch

What are our customers saying about this piece?

"Thank you for your letter inquiring about the two lampshades I ordered from you recently, YES, they are lovely. I spent a couple of hours looking at lamphsades on the internet becuase I couldn't find just the right ones here in town. I settled on yours because they were the right size, had a wide opening on the top and the shade and texture of the veins let enough light through to provide a warm cozy feel. I will certainly recommend your lampshades to anytone around here who needs some." -Jane, New Mexico

"We are very happy with the shades! Thank you." -Deborah, Michigan

"Thank you. I received the 22" lamp shade and love it. I will let you know if I have any questions in the future!" -Elizabeth, Illinois