Iron Curtain Bracket - Double

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Iron Curtain Bracket - Double
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$80.00 $60.00
(You save $20.00)


Often, the smallest details have the greatest impact when is comes to the visual appeal of a room. Window hardware has the ability to lift the mood and enhance your overall look by adding dimension and contrast.

Our collection of well designed hardware includes iron curtain rod brackets, finials, curtain rings, elbows and trefoils. A stunning combination of any of these can potentially transition a simple window into something beautiful.

Special attention to the hardware of your windows can create a custom and tailored look within your room. This particular drop down bracket is adjustable adding an additional 2 ½” inches. As shown, this double curtain bracket comes in a natural black finish but can be customized in any of the finishes above.

Dimensions:  2"W x 5 3/4"D x 3 3/4"H

Notes on measuring and installation: Measure every window, even though they appear to be alike. Convert to inches. Remember to allow extra space for drapes when drawn back if you wish to fully expose the window. If you wish to have an under-treatment which will be recessed inside the window frame, two inside Mounts require a rod 1/2" less than the width of the sash measurement. We recommend additional brackets every 5' to 7' to support the weight of your treatment, and 4 rings per foot, roughly. Single Rods more than 105" are subject to higher freight costs. For long spans, a splice - slipped inside the rod - will be hidden by the required center bracket. This bracket Adjusts to add addition 2 1/2 inches.