Inventor Crank Adjustable Drafting Table

$2,880.00 $2,160.00
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  • Hand-Crafted in the USA
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Inventor Crank Adjustable Drafting Table
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$2,880.00 $2,160.00
(You save $720.00)


This unique table is rich with history in both function and form. The movable cranks and gears allow for adjustment and motion that adds a great deal of interest and character to any environment. If you were able to time-travel back a century and explore a machine shop or industrial manufacturing facility, you would recognize these exact bases and mechanisms. You’d find them integrated into great presses, lathes, and machines of the past. We’re excited to extend the great history of the surviving tools and molds of that era to create these bold cast iron pieces for your space.

Select a hand-rubbed iron finish to highlight the details in the base and to compliment your space and décor. 

Base Dimensions: 45"L x 21"W x 29"H (extends to 40 1/2"H)

Top Dimensions: 4' x 6'